Welcome to making your CoastLife billing easy! This page will guide you through how to pay your bill, setup auto payments and we will answer any questions you may have. 

How do we bill you for Pool Service?

CoastLife prefers to do green billing. With green billing we send e-invoicing, which saves on paper waste. If you have requested US Mail and would like to go GREEN, please inform us by contacting us @ 772-266-4355 or

We also invoice using e-statement invoicing.  This will allow you to see any open history of your account and your current invoice. See sample invoice.

**For Chemical Delivery Service Only: After the delivery is completed we will bill with credit card/ ACH and send receipt if you required chemicals that day.
Click Here: Learn About our Chemcial On-Demand Delivery Service

When do you receive your bill?

You'll typically receive mail and e-invoices on the 1st of the month for that month of service.

How do you pay your bill?

CoastLife gives you options:

  • Option 1: Make it easy on yourself! We would prefer you step up payments through your bank's Auto BillPay or a Bank Transfer for the 1st of the month.
  • Option 2: Mail in a personal check. Please include the "INVOICE NUMBER" on your check "MEMO LINE".
  • Option 3: Through e-invoicing you can pay your bill by opening your e-invoice and clicking the "PAY NOW" link. When you use this method, you have the option to pay by bank transfer.
  • Option 4: The last option is setting up Autopay through us using Credit Card/Debit Card/ACH Transfer with us on File or call into office to provide payment. We will charge your card on the first of each month on credit cards on file.
    • We will need to send you an Authorization Form.  Please let us know if you prefer this option, contact us.

NOTE: All approved estimates that are over $200.00 for monthly service clients will require a deposit in order to secure parts/materials and to be scheduled.

Non-Monthly Service Clients

  • Service calls are require to be paid up front.

All payments should be made payable to:

CoastLife Pool & Spa
3208 SE Federal HWY
Stuart, FL 34997

Should you have any billing questions, please contact us.

CANCELATION POLICY: Service Client must submit a 30-day cancelation notice prior to canceling monthly service in any case or pay a monthly service fee equal to their monthly rate to terminate service prior. CoastLife Pools reserves the right to cancel a client at any time for any legal reason without incurring legal liability. Last Invoices will be sent pro-rated for pool service, conditioner charges and any salt charges or various repairs. The account will not be officially closed until such time as the payments are made in full.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: If invoice is not paid when due, interest will accrue at the rate of 2% 10 / 31 days (20% annum) or $15 per month whichever is higher. If after the due date the account is placed in the hands of an attorney or collection agency, Customer shall be liable for all costs of collection, including legal fees, whether or not said matter is brought to trial, and for all trial proceedings including levy, execution, garnishment or any appeal.

HOLIDAYS:  All major holidays are observed.  We will make service up the following day or prior day.
*During Christmas and Thanksgiving, we observe the time to take off for our service techs to spend time with their families.We also could miss either weeks to misc issues including weather or other. We will do our best to service the pool that week if possible.


*Documents Made be updated anytime for better clarification of our Service and Policies.

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