Standard Pool Service

*Weekly pool service is based on 4 service visits per month x 12 months = 48 visits per year, typically your pool will be serviced 50-52 weeks out of the year. This leaves 4 weeks for holidays, educational seminars or other. We will always make special arrangements for service if possible during those 4 weeks.


  1. Chemical balancing:  Test water for proper chlorine level, proper PH balance, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and conditioner levels. The following additional chemicals are also included:  chlorine, acid, sodium bicarbonate and soda ash.
  2. Skim leaves and debris from water surface
  3. Empty all skimmer and pump baskets
  4. Brush pool walls and steps
  5. Brush pool tile line (Soap and Clean as Needed)
  6. Vacuum or leaf master pool walls and floor as needed
  7. Inspect pool equipment and filtration system
  8. Inspect automatic cleaner, empty and clean bag when applicable.
  9. Monthly (Average 4-6 weeks) filter breakdown and acid wash depending on pool
    *Oversize filters and twice a month or more filter cleaning is subject to an extra charge.
  10. We are to maintain the waterline tile down.  The pool deck or coping are not included in our responsibility

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*It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the proper water level in the pool at all times. CoastLife will not fill water due to liability concerns.


  1. Additional chemicals, treatments or minerals(salt) (other than chlorine, acid, soda ash, or sodium bicarbonate)
  2. Backwash DE filters with the use of DE or CF138- $25 charge per backwash (DE filters only)
  3. Algae removal
  4. Acid wash
  5. One-time clean-ups
  6. All other minor to major repairs
  7. Chemical and Conditioner Charge - $60 billed in February & August annually. (larger and commerical pools incurred higher cost per pool basis)
  8. Phosphate Remover w/Clarifier as necessary $125++
    *Phosphates are from outside sources such as tree debris, fertilizer and other various debris that get into the pool.  From one day to the next they can cause issues for the pool and can cause an algae bloom if not appropriately removed with a treatment from the pool.
  1. Pool service is based on a maximum of 10-30 minutes per visit.  An additional charge will be assessed if any additional time/labor/chemical treatment is necessary spent servicing your pool due to pressure washing, storms or hurricanes.

POOL COVERS:    All pool covers must be removed from the pool on your designated service day.  This excludes electronic covers.

RAIN:    During light rain (depending on intensity), we test water, balance pool chemistry, add chemicals as needed, check equipment, check and empty baskets and sweep bags, skim leaves and debris if possible. We will do our best to service your pool during heavy rain or lightening storms, but our safety could prevent us from servicing your pool.

INCIDENTAL DAMAGES:   CoastLife works to maintain, clean and repair our customers pools. We provide the upmost maintenance on balancing/competing routine maintenance and repairs of pools while being safe and efficient as possible. During the service to your pool, CoastLife and it's employees can not be held liable for accidental residuals of chemicals, routine maintenance and/or repairs or service breakages to old equipment or surroundings to the customer's pool, pool deck, and other related to such. Common breakages, etc are possible. The customer agree's not to hold us liable to these incidents and to no fault of employees or CoastLife personal.

BILLING: Refer to Website Billing Link

CANCELATION POLICY: Service Client must submit a 30-day cancelation notice prior to canceling monthly service in any case or pay a monthly service fee equal to their monthly rate to terminate service prior. CoastLife Pools reserves the right to cancel a client at any time for any legal reason without incurring legal liability. Last Invoices will be sent pro-rated for pool service, conditioner charges and any salt charges or various repairs. The account will not be officially closed until such time as the payments are made in full.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: If invoice is not paid when due, interest will accrue at the rate of 2% 10 / 31 days (20% annum) or $15 per month whichever is higher. If after the due date the account is placed in the hands of an attorney or collection agency, Customer shall be liable for all costs of collection, including legal fees, whether or not said matter is brought to trial, and for all trial proceedings including levy, execution, garnishment or any appeal.

HOLIDAYS:  All major holidays are observed.  We will make service up the following day or prior day.
*During Christmas and Thanksgiving, we observe the time to take off for our service techs to spend time with their families.We also could miss either weeks to misc issues including weather or other. We will do our best to service the pool that week if possible.


*This Document Made be updated anytime for better clarification of our Service and Policies.