Services and Policies All-In

*Weekly pool service is based on 4 service visits per month x 12 months = 48 visits per year, typically your pool will be serviced 50-52 weeks out of the year. This leaves 4 weeks for holidays and educational seminars. We will always make special arrangements for service if necessary during those 4 weeks.



  1. Chemical balancing:  Test water for proper chlorine level, proper PH balance, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and conditioner levels. The following additional chemicals are also included:  chlorine, acid, sodium bicarbonate and soda ash.
  2. Skim leaves and debris from water surface
  3. Empty all skimmer and pump baskets
  4. Brush pool walls and steps
  5. Brush pool tile line
  6. Vacuum or leaf master pool walls and floor as needed
  7. Inspect pool equipment and filtration system
  8. Inspect automatic cleaner, empty and clean bag when applicable.
  9. Monthly (Average 4-6 weeks) filter breakdown and acid wash depending on pool.
  10. We are to maintain the waterline tile down.  The pool deck or coping are not included in our responsibility

*It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the proper water level in the pool at all times. We will fill water with a timer provided by us or yourself (this typically applies to Snowbirds). We will leave a timer at the pool and charge a $15.00 charge one time for the timer.

All-In Plan Includes

  1. Minor additions to chemicals, treatments or minerals(salt) (other than chlorine, acid, soda ash, or sodium bicarbonate), Backwash DE filters with the use of DE or CF138- (DE filters only), Algae removal, One-time clean-ups, Chemical and Conditioner Charges, Phosphate Remover w/Clarifier as necessary, service calls (limited to 1 a month), small leak repairs, fixes to equipment.
  2. Pool service is based on a maximum of 10-30 minutes per visit, but extended coverage with this plan to 1 hour.


  1. Not limited to, but including major chemical treatments, Anything over $100 in repairs including Motor, pump, filter, salt cell, automation boards, acid washes, any other major repairs
  2. An additional charge will be assessed if any additional time/labor/chemical treatment is necessary spent servicing your pool due to major storms or hurricanes.

POOL COVERS:    All pool covers must be removed from the pool on your designated service day.  This excludes electronic covers.

RAIN:    During light rain (depending on intensity), we test water, balance pool chemistry, add chemicals as needed, check equipment, check and empty baskets and sweep bags, skim leaves and debris if possible. We will do our best to service your pool during heavy rain or lightening storms, but our safety could prevent us from servicing your pool.

BILLING:   Invoices will be sent on a monthly basis and are due on Net 15 terms.  We bill out on the 1st of each month.  Please make payments by the date due on the Invoice (unless other arrangements have been made).  The bill should be paid before the past due date, and if received after that date, will be subject to a $10.00 minimum Late Charge per invoice overdue. Returned checks will receive a $30 charge. All charges over $500 on credit cards will incur a 4% transaction fee.

  All major holidays are observed.  We will make service up the following day or prior day.


*This Document Made be updated anytime for better clarification of our Service and Policies.

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