Salt Pool Systems

Salt Pool System Install and Maintenance

Tired of buying chlorine? It might be time to think about a salt pool system

Salt Pool Systems Make Things EasySalt Pool

Your salt water pool system will:

  • Turn salt INTO chlorine via electrolysis, so you don’t need to mess around with dangerous chemicals
  • Make the water soft, enhancing your swimming experience
  • Maintain the sanitation and life of your Florida pool

A salt system doesn’t turn your pool into seawater; it simplifies the chemical process of keeping your pool clean.

We Install and Provide Salt Water Pool Maintenance

If you already purchased your salt pool system and just need a little help setting it up, we’ve got your back. Alternatively, we can also order a salt pool system for you from the manufacturer. Our team can install any brand and model system. Not sure what to order? We can provide our recommendation for a specific system that fits your needs.

Our team can convert a traditional chlorine pool to a salt pool within weeks of you making the decision. We will consider your budget, the climate, and how often you use your pool. This will help us get a plan in motion so you and your family can enjoy a salt system pool for years to come.

We can make the process easy for you. Just schedule a consultation for us to determine the right system for your pool size. Then, we plan the installation. Within weeks, you and your family can enjoy all the benefits of a salt system pool!

We can provide you with a more economical system, or a top-of-the-line Wi-Fi-controlled system for your large pool. Your salt water pool system can make your swim time better, whether you have a 10,000, gallon, 30,000 gallon or 125,000 gallon pool.

Things To Consider Before Installing a Salt Pool System:

  • How often you use your pool
  • The size of your poolThe size of your pool
  • The weather you expect to see and how much rainfall you will likely get
  • How involved you want to be in maintaining your pool
  • Your budget


Warranty Concerns?

Coastlife Pools will honor the manufacturer’s warranty on your salt water pool system.

Are You Ready To Convert to a Salt Water Pool?

Call CoastLife Pools today to get set up with a salt pool system. We aim to answer all Southwest, FL pool questions, complete installations, and perform routine service.

Let us take the guesswork out of caring for your pool. CoastLife Pools can handle your salt system installation. Our professionals can also transform your backyard into the paradise your dream about- from BBQ, custom pool designs, pavers, and pool maintenance. We are a full-service pool company ready to serve you.


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